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Last day to enter online2016-06-23

Friday Evening FIDE Blitz in Edinburgh

at Novotel Edinburgh Park - 24 June 2016

9-Round FIDE Blitz 7:00pm to 9:45pm

Chief Arbiter: IA Alex McFarlane


1st Prize£40
Rating Band 2010-1826 (175-151 ECF*)£25
Rating Band 1825-1641 (150-126 ECF*)£25
Rating Band 1640-1450 (125-100 ECF*)£25
Rating Less than 1450 (100 ECF*)£25
ECF conversion rate (ECFx7.5)+700

The organisers reserve the right to redistribute in whole or in part any prize won by a competitor who has won or shared a prize. The rating prize may be reduced to £10 if there are fewer than 5 qualifiers for that rating band. The rating prizes, if reduced, will announced during the first break. Players with estimated ratings are eligible for rating prizes. Players who do not have an estimated rating, are not eligible for a rating prize.

Entry Fees

On-line in Advance - Debit/Credit Card or Pay-Pal

On-line entry closes on the Thursday evening prior to the Tournament

On the Day - Cash Payments Only£13

Rate of Play

Each player will have 3 minutes plus a 2 second increment per move from move 1.

Provisional Time Table

  • Rounds 1 to 3: Start 7:00
  • Rounds 4 to 6: Start 7:55
  • Rounds 7 to 9: Start 8:50
We expect the tournament to have concluded by 9:45. The time table is advisory and we will allow a least a 15 minute break between each session.

Entry Requirements

On-line entry requires a FIDE Identification Number (FIN). If you do not have a FIDE Identification Number, please choose one of the following options:
  • If you wish to be registered as Scottish for the future, please enter your Birth Year on the entry form. **
  • If you do not wish to be registered as Scottish for the future, please contact your federation for a FIDE Identification Number

** Please note - Any future changes of federation will incur a cost to you. We first need to confirm your eligibility to register as Scottish with Chess Scotland before we can enter you in the tournament. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Be born in Scotland
  2. Have a Scottish parent
  3. Have been a current resident in Scotland for a minimum of two years (under 18, one year's residency)

We cannot accept late entries to the FIDE Blitz from non Scottish players who are not registered with their home federation.


For the purposes of pairing players for games, ratings will be based on the following (in order of priority):

  1. FIDE Blitz
  2. FIDE Rapid
  3. FIDE Standard
  4. National Rapid
  5. National Standard
There will no re-pairings should players fail to appear. Players who fail to appear will be defaulted when their time runs out.


Novotel Edinburgh Park 15 Lochside Avenue, Edinburgh Park, is a modern hotel to the east of Edinburgh, situated close to the motorway network and adjacent to Edinburgh Park railway station and the tram line, it also offers free parking.

Please note: No food or beverages may be brought into the Hotel for consumption on the premises.


Photographs taken at the event may be used for publicity purposes both for the current and future FIDE Evening Blitz events. Any objection should be notified to the event organiser.

Further Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member of Chess Scotland to participate in this event?
No, but we would recommend you join the national body to receive the benefits they offer.

I don't have a FIDE Identification Number (FIN), can I still play? You do need to have a FIN in order to be entered into this tournament. If you are Scottish, we need to confirm your eligibility to register as Scottish with Chess Scotland. Please enter as early as possible so we can obtain a FIN for you if you are eligible. If you are not Scottish, you will need to contact your home federation.

New to Competitive Chess – Is a FIDE Blitz tournament suitable for me?
If you are new to competitive chess, a FIDE Blitz may be a suitable tournament to start playing competitive chess in a friendly environment. At our tournaments you will get to play 9 games of extremely fast chess. A Blitz game is played very quickly and you will need to be confident with a chess clock and understand how increments are applied to your allotted time.

I haven’t got a FIDE Blitz Rating, can I play in the FIDE Blitz?
Yes, absolutely. We will use various sources to assign you an estimated rating for the purpose of this event.

I do not have a FIDE Rating, will I get one after the FIDE Blitz?
Once you have played 5 games against players with a FIDE rating (of any kind) and provided you have scored at least one point against them, you will get a FIDE blitz rating.

Where can I obtain further information?
Use the Contact Form to request further information.