Administrator Notes

Setting up a new congress

  • Create a new user login for the congress owner unless they have one already (which could be the case if they ever entered a congress as it creates one automatically)
  • Create a new organisation if necessary
  • Clone an existing similar congress, rename it and set the the newly created user as an owner of it. This is done by going into Edit on the similar congress, and:
    1. Changing its organisation to be the newly created one.
    2. Changing its name as appropriate
    3. Changing its paypal account (to the Malcolm test one if nothing else setup )
    4. Setting it to Inactive, so its not visible to users yet
  • In the Admin option under "logged in as xxx" update organisation name and image as appropriate.
  • Add the paypal payment method here
  • Upload any new image files after scaling them so they are 100 pixels high

What to tell the new user

  • Go to and login. If you don't know your login id or password, select "Forgot Password" on the left hand side and enter your email address. It will send to an email with login instructions.
  • Select your congress organisation from the list on the bottom left.
  • You should see your first congress. Go into Edit and update all the details as per the user guide. Congress will only be visible to you as it has status of inactive.
  • Let me know if you want a different image specific to your congress
  • Let me know if any questions

To add or modify payment methods go here

Contacting the users

To contact all the organisation owners this option

Updating the help

Congress administrators can add new help pages
The links determine which pages it is shown as a link in the left help list. The Book should be set to Help contents.

Ongoing maintenance

There are 2 cron jobs:

  • Load ECF ratings daily via drush command
  • The drupal cron which as well as doing the standard drupal clean up of logs also:
    1. Reads in the FIDE files (2nd day of the month to make sure they are there as they are created some time on the 1st)
    2. Loads the players and ratings from the Chess Scotland rating system (on Thursday early morning)

Internet Host

The system is hosted by TSO Host There is a login link there (to manage the service and pay bills etc )