Entering a Congress

To enter a congress, go to its home (select the link o the left hand side). Either select the big ENTER ONLINE with a blue background, or select the Enter tab. Pick Add Entry.

Select the sections you want to enter, and fill in your name. Press the Lookup Player button. This will popup a window which will show a list of players from the rating list that match the surname and initial that you entered. It will search for you in the ECF, Chess Scotland rating list at appropriate to the event. If it is a FIDE rated congress it will also select from the FIDE rating list according to the nationality you selected. Once you select yourself from the list, it will fill in the details of your rating in the Grade/Rating details section of the entry form. The only thing you can change in here is the club. If you are not shown in the list, just press cancel and then enter details of your rating in the Details if not in the grading list box. If you don't have a rating, then just enter not rated or give any details that the organiser has asked for.

Once completed, press add entry. You will be taken back to the previous screen, where you can press the Pay button to pay, or you can enter other players and pay for them all at once.

The button takes you to paypal to pay. This congress entry system does not see anything of your credit card details, but once you have paid it sends a response back so that you can automatically be added to the entrants list. If you see yourself in the entrants list then it all worked.